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Walter Pichler

Mai 31, 2007


Laura Beloff

Mai 30, 2007

SMS Guerrilla Projector

Mai 29, 2007

Small, portable, and battery operated, the SMS Guerilla Projector contains a mobile phone which enables the device to receive and project messages from other people.

The SMS Guerilla Projector is made by recombining available technologies. As an open object, the projector generates a wide range of applications, allowing the user to display messages and share his reflections.

Its unpredictability creates a very special and disturbing experience for the people who watch the projection, and invites them to reflect on the content or the implications of the message.The images below show actual examples of projected messages.

If you are interested to use the SMS Guerrilla Projector, please visit Troika Communications

Henk Wildschut

Mai 24, 2007

Illegal immigrants, Calais

Henk Wildschut

via vvork
vs the chapuisat brothers

Esther Stocker

Mai 23, 2007



Mai 21, 2007

mixtagged via Aids-3d

Hans Fjellestad

Mai 18, 2007

Hans FjellestadKobe Live House

via ilcorral

Olaf Martens

Mai 17, 2007


Screw, dodecahedron

Mai 16, 2007

Robert Schlotter

Mai 15, 2007