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Ferran, Marketta and Juli at the restaurant.

I have two things of public interest here: a description of my dinner at elBulli, and a (much simpler) writeup of a dinner at Matsuhisa in Los Angeles.

Apple Caviar Steps
Chef Ferrán Adriá of El Bulli – Roses, Spain:

Once apple solution has been made and well-chilled, follow along with this video clip to learn how to complete the apple caviar recipe:

  1. Fill several syringes with apple caviar solution.

    Note: Syringes are used in a similar way that pastry chefs use pastry sleeves. A modern technique of extracting the apple solution has not yet been developed so syringes are used instead

  2. Release juice from syringe, one drop at a time, into calcium chloride mixture. At this point, you should see little droplets form resembling caviar. Speed is very important here.
  3. Cook caviar in boiling water for one minute (not shown in video)
  4. Gently strain and rinse caviar in a cold water bath.
  5. Place approximately 2 tablespoons of caviar into mold or decorative tin.

Garnish with passion fruit and a mint leaf.

Download Video Clip

Decoding Ferran Adria

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