Trampoline Simon -> Senso


This is a Simon game played on mini trampolines: the trampolines light up in a pattern, and the player jumps in response. This is actually Revenge of Trampoline Simon, I made the first version a few years ago for the Cyberbuss Costume Ball, but the police made me shut it down after like an hour. And not for the obvious reasons: they decided that of all the things going on at that party, the big fire hazard was the extension chord running to my Simon game. Boobs.

Anyway, that version was somewhat limited since I wired directly into an actual Simon game, connecting relays to the outputs to trigger my lights. It worked great, but it gave me no flexibility: if I wanted to change anything about the gameplay at all (for example, give people a bit more time to respond to the pattern), no dice.

Hence Revenge of Trampoline Simon, which I coded from scratch. Now I can set every aspect of the play, from how long the pattern is, to how fast the computer shows you it, to the various delays.


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